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It has taken a few days for the news of Seymour’s passing to sink in and it still shocks me now. I guess I’m young and inexperienced in death, but it feels so unbelievable. I have been a PhD student at CPOM for just over 4 years and Seymour has been a constant through my brief journey in the world of science. He was at every conference I attended, always explaining, always answering questions. I cannot imagine science without Seymour, we will all miss him.

When I had been at CPOM for just a few months Seymour learnt that my girlfriend was pregnant and I too was about to be come a father (at a young age). He immediately invited us both over for a meal and offered us loads of old baby stuff. This was such a wonderful experience for me. He gave me such kindness when I was quite lost in my uncertain future.

Harry Heorton