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My friend

What a guy.  Seymour was one of those people in life that you only come across very occasionally, and who you hold onto as a friend for life when you do. With Seymour I found you got exactly what you saw, with no pretences, and total honesty of character. When I heard him on the radio recently talking about his work, he spoke in exactly the same way as he would to me down the pub.

Conversation never dried up when Seymour was around.  He was a fascinating man, with so much knowledge, and so many great stories.  I know (from experience) that I could talk to him for hours and not get bored.  He was also a very caring man, which may not have always showed, but was always there.  Only a couple of months ago, knowing that my wife and I had recently separated, he offered for me to join him and Fiona on their holidays at any time (not sure if he ever asked Fiona about this!!).

Whenever I think of Seymour though, so many wonderful memories come to mind. Many are just trivial moments such as times when I was chatting to him in bars, or listening to him complain about how much skiing we had been doing that day.  Then there are those shared memories of things we did together, like the New Years Eve trek from Edale to Castleton and back again at 1am in the morning in the freezing cold.

Seymour was a fantastic friend, father and partner, with huge generosity, and he really added to peoples lives.

He was my friend.  I can’t believe he has gone. I will never forget him.

Chris Beck